Intro to Python

Welcome to KopiHack's first class!

Intro to Python is an introductory course that will help you learn how to code in Python. We assume that you have no prior programming knowledge, but a keen interest to learn how to build software using Python.

You are attending this study group voluntarily. That means that you can drop out at any point of time if you feel that this class is no longer benefiting you.

However, as long as you are a part of this study group you are expected to be open-minded, have a growth mindset, and help your peers.

Great things are accomplished together, including learning how to code!


  • Have a basic understanding of what Python is, how it works, and loads of practice
  • Get a working environment set up (git, github, text editor, etc)
  • Become a software developer, learn the skills:
    • How to think like a programmer
    • How to look for help
    • How to read documentation
    • Keep learning
  • Understanding how the Web works
  • Tackling coding exercises
  • Building real applications
  • Deployment

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